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For I'm Just A Man

I’m Just a Man.

Late at night I feel temperature drop,
The duvet is waiting, will the pain ever stop?
All I want is attention, for once, be desired.
Instead of receiving, “I feel way too tired”

Love me, love me please,
Just for who I am
Embrace my emotions
For I’m just a man.

If only you knew, the rejection I feel,
Do we stand even a chance, will our rift ever heal?
My heart skips a beat, in your presence, I yearn.
But advances I initiate, you feel fit to spurn.

Love me, love me please,
Just for who I am,
Embrace my emotions
Am I just a man?

The weekend draws near and all hopes are shattered,
Will my ego recover from being so battered?
Feelings of euphoria, from long distant past,
Remain in my memory, to show the contrast.

Love me, love me please,
Just for who I am,
Embrace my emotions
I’m not a bad man.

The moments of wonder, that I hold in my heart,
Loneliness devouring me, when we are apart.
I live for your essence, your perfumed bouquet,
These are all the things that must make me stay.

So, love me, love me please,
Just for who I am,
Embrace my emotions
For I am YOUR man.

pennynoodles pennynoodles 46-50, F 9 Responses Sep 4, 2012

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Amazing...that is exactly how I felt for so long. Thankfully, my wife and I have rejuvenated the spark that I felt was missing for a very long time. Its such a hollow feeling to be desired, wanted, irresistible, etc... I feel like my life has gone from black and white to color again.

Moving and from a rare lucidity. Thanks.

Sub title...'One sided love affair'...

One sided marriage it was. Needless to say they are not together any more. ;o(

Written by a woman. Great. And you captured what a man in a sex less marriage experiences. Only a man can comment on the validity of your words. Bravo.

Thank you very much for your positive comments.

Some people have a *Knack* as a Poet. You do I think. When you get a Flash in your head, I bet you can't wait to get it on paper.

I can go months with no inspiration and then as you say, 'flash', it has to go down and I tend to write it very quickly. Thank you for reading it.

Wow - I'm not sure where you got the sentiments from but it is a strong poem.

A friend of mine was facing rejection time and time again from his wife. I told him to tell her how he felt. He couldn't. Being a guitar player, I sent him this as lyrics for a song, but he never did anything with it.
Thank you very much for commenting, it's good to see people still take a look at my stuff occasionally :O)

I knew there was a strong foundation to it, just wondered where from - as a man, I've been there. Thanks for that.

I love this poem of yours perhaps the most. The ability to jump into anothers skin and look at life through their eyes is something few can or even try to do, and you do it with such conviction that it's quite fascinating.

Thank you MisterGrey, I really appreciate people reading and commenting on my poems.

Very nice,thank you for sharing.

You are very welcome.

I wrote this to be sung as a song but I can't play an instrument very well. Apart from the recorder and who wants a song played by recorder apart from 'London's Burning'. <br />
P.s. I'm not a man but it was inspired from how a man was feeling.