Give Up..?

In the days of past a child was born
In a place to pity, so forlorn
With no assistance, nor guidance nor help
He grew up alone, but his pride he held

He wore all rags, survived on titbits of food
So everyone thought his life was no good
But no one knew the dreams he dreamt
Or the hopes he had, to him he kept

To outshine and become one of a kind
A boy so unique that no one could find
Was he felt he was, knew he could be
And wished with all his heart for someone to see

But with the innocence of a child, his dream shattered
He was done hoping..his life tattered
To give up was all that was left to believe
But suddenly something came to his relief

A tiny voice whispered in his head
"Be strong my boy, your way will be lead.."
And then a spirit just so strong
Surrounded him and rode along

So with persistence he worked day and night
To become the star he thought he might
Ten years later the world realized
A born star, they mesmerised..

This is just a tale to say..
You could be him and brighten your way
So never give up just walk through
And be a star as unique as you


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2 Responses Sep 16, 2012

Wow, it beautiful!

whoa .. wonderful poem ! everyone can connect to this in a way :) awesome !