If ever I was given a chance to change..what will I become..I think a rich man's wife or a brilliant designer..or wait perhaps an artist or writer. If I become a writer what would I write, to one day wake up and find myself as water.
Flowing as waves..bringing up tsnunami..drowning people..washing away sand..saltish to taste and making you tan.
Then as sun rises, evaporate to form clouds, white ,grey and black,,lightning whips and crack..thunder..and I drop..yes rains from clouds on earth... soaking whoever comes under me..but now I am sweet and fresh.. no one cares...I recharge the mother earth making it green..can you smell the freshness as in stream..slowly touching your feet..taking your agony..I wash ..your inner self as a purifying steam..
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1 Response Sep 25, 2012

Very fantastic wish !

wish to change :)