Once Again It W...

Once again it wasn't until i found this site, that i realized how much i loved to write. i used to write short stories and poetry, even got published once (WOW what a feeling) for a story i wrote when i was in grade 8. I saw either here or on My Space a poetry contest. And silly OL me though, what the heck, I'll do it. I was going to give myself sometime to think about it, then decided to just write it off my cuff. It took maybe 90 secs. The Poem had to be VERY short, which i am not used too, but for 10,000.00 I'll write something short, lol. Here is my OFF the CUFF poem, the first one i had written in probably 20 years ..... NOW be KIND, lol ..... like ANYTHING you have to persistently work at it, before it can be good, but here goes ..... YIKES i can't believe I'm sharing this!!

In the silence of her mind she wonders why life is so hard. She quietly seeks out what she believes to be the truth. Violence, Lies, Hatred, War, Blood, Death, Ignorance, Crime, Prejudice, Abuse and total disregard for Children. No wonder life is hard? No one is safe. Children go to school and get killed, people live in poverty, and our justice system is not just. Our world is defined by money not by our hearts. If money rules our world we will never be safe!   Well like i said it had to be short ..... EXTREMELY short. i don't care if anyone thinks it is good or bad, it was just nice to try it again!!
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I absolutely agree. I have found my love to write...finally, again. I had lost the feeling and power of my thoughts and words until I finally found this site. Its the bomb.