Paper Tigers

Let me first explain the phrase. A paper tiger is an English adaptation of a Chinese phrase meaning something that has the appearance of something that is fierce but is actually weak. Thank you.

They take to the sky
Armed with napalm claws
To slice the world in two
All for a silver cause
They send paper tigers
From their ebony splintered desks
Forced to play with fire
And gather ashes of what's left.

They fold paper tigers
Inside their diamond submarines
Sharing the brunt of battle
Baring nuclear teeth
When the ruby hand with golden rings
Has an issue yet resolved
Just beware the water
Down here paper comes to dissolve.

Descending beneath a gilded sky
Into a golden flame
They hide and print consent
It all starts again
Money can make the ghosts
If you follow to the letter
Devils will turn your grindstone
As paper tigers march into the shredder.
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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

Simply Stunning Love....Stunning

Your very welcome :) praise where praise is due hunny :)))) Keep writing, I absolutely love reading your words