The Beginning Of A Legend

This is my first attempt at writing hip hop so be nice. Please don't read this if your just going to criticize my use of language just because my age. Feel free to leave your review in the comments. I know this isn't a masterpiece so tell me how I can improve please. I tried multiple types of poetry here even dissing. Also don't read this if you like Brittany spears. I numbered the lines since they were merged.i may rewrite this based on your recommendations.

The beginning of a legend

Verse 1

1.The beginning of a legend and that legend is me
2.I know I may sound like thee
3.Next wannabe
4.Who steals rhymes and
5.Blows through them all like the sand
6.In the sandman's hourglass
7.Took the glass shattered it and whooped his ***
8.Told him to to take an hour long nap
9.Heard a snap
10.That must've been your foot kid
11.Didn't see when dropped the anvil I did
12,What the **** you tellin on me for
13.It wasn't me it was billy ma'am
14.Oh, sorry ma'am didn't see you were a man
15,What do you mean my ****** language should have got the ban
16.**** the ****** law to ****** ban ****** ****** up words
17.This reminds me of the

1.This is the beginning of a legend
2.I'ma be the next big thing see
3.You call me a wannabe
4.You gonna be
5.see'in the inside of thee
6.****** Shell you call a skull
7.Don't doubt me cause if you dare you'll feel true pain.
8.You've been warned now

Verse 2:

1.Ah, another ******* and another annoying award airing and another asserting
2.Paparazzi named Peter piper who's pickin pickled pepper perfect for every
3.Person who ****** off rappers most
4.Shoved the pepper up his ***
5.Cut the sax out the brass
6.Took the brass hung him from the sea needle
7.Told him to look at the sea
8.Took him down and told him to see
9.Why you don't **** off the best
10.The kind with a leather vest
11.Who came from the hemisphere West
12.Pushed Brittany Spears off the rocket while I was spaced out
13.Pulled her in at the last moment and asked if she felt out of this world
14.Then roundhouse kicked the ****** world for hatin'

chorus x2

InfinityGamer99 InfinityGamer99
22-25, M
Nov 28, 2012