Awake From Your Fantasy

Hiding away in my own little world,
You you don't care how much it hurts,
You know I'm a broken girl,
So you treat me like I'm dirt,

Boy, you've got way too much time for me,
It's hard enough to think you care,
Was it too hard just to leave me be?
You know I don't want you there,

Does it make you feel good,
When you did that to my face?
Does it make you feel worth it,
When you're filled with so much hate?

You know you could've moved on,
When I tried to turn you down?
You know that this is your fault,
But somehow it's turned around..

I you even realize..
Exactly what you did to me inside?

ZappedToTheUnicorn ZappedToTheUnicorn
22-25, F
1 Response Nov 28, 2012

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