I wrote this while I was at work! There are some rather catty women at my work, and today one of them said to me that I need to tone my perfume down, and it made me feel kinda annoyed, cuz I don't put on more than one squirt. Writing made me feel better :)

Oh, Oh, Oh
to find happiness is a farce
the loose lips of others
makes finding friendship, sparse

you wanna hate on this beautiful soul
intimidated by this power
a beautiful soul that smells more powerful than a flower

If people were full of more love than hate
the whole world would change
develop some new personality traits

with experience you grow colder first
bitter, jealous, resentful and hurt
until you grow old of satisfying that thirst

the questions remain but the feelings change
you can't look at others quite the same
you live your life without projecting your shame
ForgetHate ForgetHate
26-30, F
Nov 29, 2012