Essence Of A Swan

The expert of innocence is dressed in white,
The waves of the water accept such a grace as a guide.
Merrily she floats above purity.
Investigating her illuminating feathers, she finds no flaw.
* * *
Like a swan your wings dance, captivating the Essence of grace.
It is you who inspires my morality.
You will be loved,

Your vivacious eyes will touch the hearts of all
releasing any deception one may hold in the darkest depths of pain.

You are my Swan i have placed you in my lake.
you will be protected from the woes of the world,
the echos of mindless, will not harm you here.

here in my park, in my fortress, you may lay.
lay my swan,
sing my swan,
remember you are loved.
Izumihopes Izumihopes
Dec 2, 2012