blinded by desire..
a passion deep.. that once burned through
i never wanted to face your words were untrue

but time has past...
and i see clearly all your decitful ways..
all my heartache and pain..

as i shatter the glass of how you once enslaved my heart..
the red haze of rage tears me apart..
my emotions swirl like a breeze..
i feel im nothing to you but your everything to me..
you led me to a illusion of happiness..
only to find a sea of sorrows..

things you could never mend...
trapping me in a maze of affliction... tearing me within
a abundance of promises broken...
the glittering of tears..
a farewell to a love i thought i had and was true....
one day soon i wont shed one tear for you.....
southernstar1987 southernstar1987
22-25, F
2 Responses Dec 3, 2012

truth has wings and often carries away our love


Sugar im sorry. Should i mail you a case of icecream?

of course..:(