What does it mean to forgive?
To forget an offense and continue to live?
To give them a chance to do it again?
To totally forget it, and let them back in?
Definitions aplenty, to each his or her own
There will come a day though
We answer for seeds that we've sown.
Personally I choose to let them back in
It's what I expect from Jesus, my savior and friend.
If he forgives and avoids me, I won't enter the gate
So forgiving or not, would both have the same fate.
I just can't believe he expects that from me
So I'll just forgive and let mankind abuse me
Maybe it's my cross to bear, what I'm supposed to show
No longer does it hurt me, when I'm scarred by a friend or foe.
I simply recall what Jesus suffered, that day he forgave me
They beat his body nearly to death, stabbed him twice while nailed to a tree
If he can go through all that for me, there's nothing I can't bear
So friend or foe I forgive you, come on back, I ain't going anywhere.
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Dec 3, 2012