Uncharted Tide

Banished to the docks
Where no one's ever been
Silence is a mouth
Trying to swallow me
The wood I walk has rot
But I'm starting to hear the sea
In exile night falls fast
But it's falling right on me.

A fetid gray dawn looms
A mist in the morning obscures
A gift in sand and in dirt
One sailboat washed on shore
Alms for no hand to receive
But I'll give mine up to faith
I trust we both float on the sea
Or drift under the haze.

Into uncharted tides
Every ripple's a face to me
An abject reflection
Among smiling amenities
Did I create the features
I put them there to soothe
Or has the sound of nothing wrought
What we came here to lose.

Floating in the stillness
God's shadow sweeps the fog
But with no direction
We can never get lost
A crack from heaven ascends
Cutting the world in half
Uranus opens up the clouds
To bathe the world in death.

The soft sound
Of showers
stifling the tongue
Of my mind.

There is peace in this.

As light descends
Lightning strikes the sail
We sit and burn
Refined by the fire.

I close my eyes
I've found what's real
In these sacred waters
From which I'm healed.

There is peace in this.
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2 Responses Dec 4, 2012

U have very in depth words and a creative mind that knows how to put it all together...amazing

i liked it...its vey good

no it really is:)