i wished on a star..
and you fell from above...
i never thought god..
would make some one so special..
for me to love..
but baby its true..
i see now..
because i found you...
your my heaven..
and im the stars in your sky...
i love the sparkles in your eyes..
it says it all...
honey withought you..
i would just fall..
the warmth..
of the touch of your hand...
its obvious..
a true love has began..
in you..
i see my future..
just by looking in your eyes...
it shouldnt be a suprise..
my desire is..
to be with you..
and only you..
baby i dont know how..
you do what you do..
im forever inlove with you...
southernstar1987 southernstar1987
22-25, F
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too good


your welcome

Heyy there (: care to chat?


Ok add me ill message u (: