(Circa March, 1998)

Forgive me please for seeing
The things that were not there.
I know that I was hoping
So hard for you to care.
And I guess that I was searching,
For someone who was gone.
It’s not for you to be her,
But, for me to carry on.
Yes, maybe I was trying
Too hard to realize; that
What I thought I noticed,
Just wasn’t in your eyes.
And I think that I was wishing
For what could never be.
Dead feelings, unfulfilled,
Were stirring deep in me.
Well I truly want to thank you
For the way you lent an ear,
But to place this burden on you
Just really wasn’t fair.
It’s true, you can’t return,
I don’t know why I tried.
It just opened up the hurt
In old feelings that had died.
kbgloves1 kbgloves1
61-65, M
2 Responses Dec 12, 2012

That was beautiful.

Thanks! I write best when I'm in pain!

Me too!

its very good...

Thank you ...