I Am From:

I am from the womb of a nurturing Goddess.
From the bells ringing miracle.
From a box and tubes with instructions of where to insert.
I am from a childhood left behind at age nine.
From lost paths on the timeline.

I am from the monocle of which the world is seen.
I am from the darkness surrounding
From the all consuming void.
I am from winters bitter and pure.
From the rush of adrenaline as I jump the balcony again.
I am from the slamming door, changing from white to black.
Loud footsteps and raised voices of the dragons as they seethe.
From fear, drifting into a waking dream.
From bare white walls ready to create a new world.
Soft bed-sheets looking very worn.
From strong, cold hands needing me to feel warm.

I am from the hushed sounds of night given under the light of stars.
From days spent in trees, or roaming free.
I am from the new discoveries and lost wishes.
From a heart taken fast and no time to say goodbye to me.
From the betrayal of my only friend.
From starry eyes and broken smiles.
The clocks ringing louder than life.
From nightmares in reality.

I am from lovely white lies, seeping through sewn lips.
From the wind in my bones, the fire in my veins.
The sound of dripping, screams and solitude.
I am from the walls coming nearer, trickle of light shining through the cracks
I patched.
I am from the soft melodies of sirens.
From waves of emotion now settled and lifeless.
I am from the hunger in my soul, the hole dug deep.
I am from hinges on another closed door.
I am from stark horizons.
I am from silence.

I am from reincarnation.
From holding what was once lost.
I am from the thread of hope still there.
From friends that care.
I am from strength in a new day, another victory won.
From victory lost to the demons in my head.
I am from battle day after day.
I am from the sunset.
From the dimensions in twilight.
Delusions and fantasies.
I am from fairy-tales of desperate heroines.
I am from contradictions.
I am from caffeine.
From sleepless nights and dragging days.
The pills I take.
I am from leather and lace.
From the loom of fate, destined to unwind.
I am from a bright blue star.

I am from the candle flame, softly illuminating my world.
From the sweet scent of roses and vanilla.
The secret garden beyond the fence.
I am from jewels and gems, sent from a land of art and Latin.
River streets and smoke rings.
I am from the dirt beneath your feet.
EmoryR EmoryR
22-25, F
Dec 15, 2012