A Lesson For The Monsters.

Maria wiped her eyes,
One was swollen, black and sore,
And though make up was a weak disguise
she oft said "I walked in to the door".

She decided to do as she was told,
Checked her purse was in her bag,
Because he was right , she was getting old.
He called her ***** and a slag.

She walked down along the driveway,
to the car and climbed gently in.
Tomorrow is another day,
reguardless of this nights sin.

And on this dark night as maria drove along
To fetch her man his liquour,
The radio played a sad love song,
That left her feeling sicker.

She parked the car outside the store
and turned the engine off.
Approached the shop, walked in the door,
Disturbed the attendent with a cough

"Good evening Ma'am" the young man said,
"Will it be the usual tonight?"
She tried to respond without blushing red,
"I'll have the one with the extra bite"

"Of course you can" said the young man.
He turned and reached up to the shelf.
For he loved Maria and knew her plan,
Passed the bottle and wished her "good health".

She left the store and drove full speed,
Then ran from the car to the door,
Husband stood with wrath and greed,
She'd be beat again for sure.

Belt in hand, the blows rained down
Maria pleaded for her life,
He'd forgotten the day in her wedding gown,
He had vowed to make her his wife.

He sat back down in his arm chair,
drank deep from that bottle in hand,
Maria knew that she didn't care,
her husband would never again stand.

He'd never hurt her again of this she was sure,
Never again could he make her cry,
She'd return to her lover at the liquour store
After she'd watch this monster die.
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