Astral Travellers On Parallel Paths

the winding of the
disparate path of a
you and me
began at a point
of time that years
and eons ago
was trodden by
a you and me.

those vestiges
of we traveled
on through time and
space, on different
planes in different forms
of consciousness.

that once united became
disunited and like
astral travelers unable
to reunite and reenter
their bodies, we were
unable to rejoin.

through the eons
we could hear the echoes
of each other calling:
"where are you?".
but then the echo
would fade and i would
only hear myself.

despite the fact that
time, in its move forward
brought our paths
to a parallel plane
and although still
miles apart, we began
the final journey to merge.
martysmax martysmax
61-65, F
3 Responses Dec 22, 2012

Nice. Maybe there is more to life than we imagine.

The beauty of the universe - kindred souls begin their separate journeys throughout the eons, only to unite again because they were always meant to be....

Existence is circular? I love that concept. We all come back to our truest and most constructive love.

i write and then become confused. did this make sense? does it? where did it come from? must be from some subconscious dreamlike alter ego? from the depths of my being. i don't know. Tolle Lege. for all.