Have A Little Faith

its the knocks and challenges that life presents you with that moulds the person you become. believe it or not.

nothing is always a bed of roses. the wheel always turns. its part of life nomatter how you choose to see it. the secret to battling and managing your challenges, is accepting it. until you accept your challenge, only then can you understand the reward and fulfillment you receive in tenfold in return.

until recently did i realize that there is always something positive that is embedded in every experience and encounter. you just have to believe it. yes, there are those times when life will present you with knocks that bring you down and drain you out emotionally. and forgive me if i sound totally oblivious to anothers experience. i just want people to acknowledge that you should never give up on yourself. faith does miraculous things unimaginable.

try to see your experiences through different eyes. there is always a flipside to any situation. the negative to teach you a lesson, and the positive to reinstill your faith.


prelisha prelisha 22-25, F Jan 18, 2013

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