Your Love..

Like a bullet your love hit me to the core,
And I was flying until you knocked me to the floor..

We might not be closed again but I won't forget how it used to be,
I won't forget how you made me smile, and then how you take that away from me..
You just never knew me, I'm cold, walking down this road all alone,
It's not Yours fault but my own..
It’s the path I've chosen to go,
Walking away without turning back making my heart Frozen as snow..
I am leaving our memories behind, accepting now it's done,
Crushing my emotions and my heart maybe for you it was a great fun..
What done is done neither you nor I can change it,
The regret of losing you is on my chest I am so weak I just can’t handle it..
So, I’ve decided I am gonna run from this, I will runaway,
Everything will change soon this is what I pray..
It’s seems like your care, your love everything was fake,
Just tell me I am wrong tell me for God sake..
I want to show from what I’ve been through,
Not so many people only a few including you ..
I can’t believe it, what the hell just happen,
I have no fear of hell now, no desire of heaven..
Since you left, every part of me seems dead,
I am so tired of this feeling I don’t want to be more sad..
My heart was bleeding, was not healing so I killed it,
I tried enough to keep you, hold you close to me but you failed it..
I was afraid of falling down and see I fell,
What was my fault, loving you or what? Will you please tell..
I decide I will let you and your memories go,
You can’t love me, you never loved me that’s all I know..
Happiness, fun this is what I used to have,
I lost everything, now I just want a peaceful death..
I want you to be around me, Feel the pain of pretending happy,
Come with me and Walk A thousand miles down to the sea, feel how it's breaking me..
I am craving for your love can’t you see,
Please tell me once, you do love me.. 

iamhereforyou iamhereforyou
22-25, F
Jan 20, 2013