For My Love

This is its currently completed form..I'm not sure if I will edit it in the future something still feels missing..but..not missing.

I have lived a thousand lives in your eyes,
Painted portraits of a thousand angels
In trying to capture you on canvas.
I have seen the Cherubim, Seraphim,
Blush so sweetly red at your saintly hymn.
Your form holds the wind in captivity,

I have lived a thousand lies for your eyes,
Painted a thousand demons to hold you
Down, so I may hold that which I, in
My base form, my loathsome mortality,
Could naught but gaze at- as one, who, drowning
Stares upwards at the beckoning light fast

I have contorted my form to hide me
From the wind, who, having recently lost
Its esteem, rejoices for my lesser
Form reminds of its superiority.
For you, my loathsome Love, I have suffered
A thousand deaths in a solitary
Breath, every day of my ever lonely
SilenceEvermore SilenceEvermore
4 Responses Jan 22, 2013



Smiley face º–º

That means I liked it :D

That is so brilliant and beautiful.

Glad you liked it :D

I can't believe you wrote something so beautiful for me.

Don't you think we're moving too fast?

I don't think you'd want someone to feel this way about you :P