From a distance I see
Everyone looking at me
Thoughts of a friend
Feelings of respect
Im the one to turn to when no ones left
Keep your sighs
Theres no room for suprise
Unless its from myself
Everyone speaks
With what they "should" say
But I guess it dosn't matter
I dont belive them anyway
I am your safe haven
Your back burnner
Your crutch
I am your deserted
Your forgotten
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26-30, M
2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

Actually, it's quite good. Don't doubt yourself...and keep writing! I really like this poem. It brings out those feelings that everyone has when others only use them as a convenience instead of treating them like a friend.

Thanks for sharing it on here!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it

If any one reads this please give me some feedback, I dont think im a good writer but im trying to improve.