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I'M Glad I'M Not Flat Chested..

Somewhere to place a wine glass,
Somewhere to place a head.
Somewhere to lose your eyesight to,
When I’m lying down in your bed

Somewhere to catch the toast crumbs,
Somewhere to rest my book
Somewhere to hold my fella’s eyes
When he has that glazed over look.

Somewhere to help me cuddle
Somewhere to aid a squeeze
Somewhere to keep a tissue
When I am about to sneeze.

Somewhere to pop my pencil,
Somewhere to carry my phone,
Somewhere to snuggle my cat in
When I am home alone.

Yes... I'm glad I'm not flat chested... :O)
pennynoodles pennynoodles 46-50, F 18 Responses Jan 28, 2013

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I want to see what this poem is all about, do show do show !

NO no no no no no no no no :O) They're mine. All mine.

You'll have men feeling breast envy ;-)

Some have moobs :O)
You must be digging deep in to the archives to find this.

I'm just reading in sequence, whatever sequence EP puts things in, who knows!

Your so lucky. My crumbs end up in my crotch. ;-p

Mine would have some hills to conquer before they got there :O)

Why do I have the urge to yodel now? *grins*

Ha ha ha... my name is not Heidi and I do NOT have plaits.

So no singing the hills are alive with.......... ;-p *pop* there goes that bubble.

I'll have nun of that :O)

*groan...face palm*

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Very nice. I'm not a firm believer in a big chest, but now I can see where they would come in handy. ;)

I'm glad too

Mrs, Noodle, This was so Swwet!! This Man says...+10 to you!!

Thank you, I love combining poetry with humour.

Very clever:-)

Thank you

I'm laughing and am pleased with your gifted poetry.. very nice. Thank you.

I'm glad it gave you a smile. I only 'do' serious on occasion, mostly, I'm a happy soul :O)

haha ... good one ... I'm glad I'm not flatchested either ... for mostly the same reasons!!

Useful aren't they? ;o)

oh yes definitely!! :D

great poem im glad you are happy with the way u look thts awesome!!!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read it ;o)

you are so welcome

I never thought about it like that! lol

what a gorgeous poem!

Thank you!

I love it. Thanks :)

Glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for reading.

Somewhere to slide my hands,
Somewhere to pucker up,
Somewhere to stick my willie,
When I am about to erupt!

LMAO Hope that doesn't get you in trouble....

Lolol, I'm safe behind my computer screen, I ducked!

LMAO!!!! Good one! :-)

The imagery here is astounding! Thanks Penny! ;-)

Very Cute! thanks for sharing

Thank you, you're welcome

I quite agree! All it needs is a pearl necklace to add the final touch.


yes not being flat chested does have its benefits :)