A Poem For My Biological Father!

well, firstly id like to start off by telling everyone what my 'father' is like. hes the most stone hearted, evil devious womanizing man. doesnt care about nothing apart from his money and different women every few months. i told him that i didnt want anything to do with him anymore, and he made no reaction, so this had upset me so i started to write a poem to express my feelings. i thought i would share it with you guys.. here goes!

Daddy, why wasnt you ever there?
What did we ever do so bad for you not to care?
Im supposed to be your "daddys little girl"
which every man classes their daughter as their pearl.
You? you wasnt even there to see me born
As soon as i arrived, you was instantly gone,
Daddy, i cant even call you that.
You hurt mummy so much, you treated her like a door mat
Who do you think you are?
Why do i shed wasteless tears over you?
19 years gone by, you will never change
Youre not even a real man, youre just the satan, so evil and strange
I dont need you anymore, i tried, my efforts have gone down the drain
A loving family you have disowned. Its a shame
Youre just insane.
When your old and wrinkly, thats when youll need me
il show no remorse, you had your chances,
and now its just me, Amir & my mummy!

anisha07969 anisha07969
22-25, F
Feb 8, 2013