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What Hopes

I feel like I might have posted this before but oh well no harm if I have. I wrote this when my dog was still here, and was battling late stage heart worms.

what hopes,
what dreams
lie left of the pieces
burned in a fire
and buried under an icy coat of snow?
what hopes,
what dreams
are left in the human heart
as the blood pours to the ground?
what hopes,
what dreams
persist in the soul
as it crumbles in the hands of another?
out of some joy
some dark joy
lies the death of hopes and dreams
stoked into a thousand embers of fiery tears
what hopes,
what dreams
lie left as their charred remains are thrown in an icy grave?
lonerwolfhowling lonerwolfhowling 18-21, F Feb 10, 2013

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