Starry Pup

After my dog died this is the poem I wrote.

The night sky is lit up by stars
One by one each flickers away
One by one each love is dead
Until the sky is black and gone

One bright star is all that remains
I reach for the light
but it pulls away
and flickers just the same

Let me fall, so it can rise
Let me dullen, so it can shine

I pray with all my heart
I cry with all my tears
I work until I sweat
Just to save that last star in my sky

Too little, too late now
The last star is withered and brown
buried in the ground
An empty blackened sky is what remains

I fell but it didn’t rise
I am dull but it won’t shine
lonerwolfhowling lonerwolfhowling
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 10, 2013

That was very deep.

very touching. it brought tears to my eyes. it is so difficult and painful to lose a dog. i'm still mourning my dear Harry. thanks for sharing your poem.

It is very painful. I have some comfort in knowing that at least she's not suffering anymore. She had heart worms. Sorry for your loss :( HUGS