When I am gone, please do not weep.
I'm in your heart, and there I'll keep.
The memories will stay with you,
I'll hold your hand and see you through.
Though I am gone, in body alone.
My soul will forever,
Be a place you can call home.
Rest easy, and smile,
For I'm always there,
Don't look for me,
As your life I will share.
You'll see me in the darkest night,
I'll be your guardian,
Your guiding light.
Don't cry for me,
Just stop and smile,
And be happy we shared our lives for a while.
I will sleep tight, and peacefully be,
Forever with you,
watched over by me.
Don't look for me,
For I'm not gone.
In your heart,
I will live on.
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Feb 11, 2013