S A L O M E ~ S E V E N S E N S U O U S V E I L S

HEROD looked at Herodias ~ liked what he saw
and so he married his Sister in Law !
John the Baptist was angry with Herod for this
so Herod threw him in prison because he was remiss.

Herodias' daughter Salome was cute
and her seven veil dance gave her quite a repute.
She danced it for Herod which left him in a trance
as she slowly unveiled herself during the dance

Veils one two and three and then veil number four
soon had poor Herod drooling for more
Five and then  six and then number seven
Herod thought he had died and gone up to Heaven !

I'll give you half my kingdom ~ to Salome he said
but her Mum said Salome ~ ask for John the B's Head
Poor Herod was sad ~ but he honoured the matter
and John B's severed head was brought in on a platter !

The is a moral to this gruesome tale
please always stop at the number six veil
Because if you go to the seventh instead
It may cost some poor innocent Baptist his head !


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Feb 11, 2013