L O V E L Y ~ L A D I E S ~ An Acrostic

L OVELY LADIES ~ I had read about the Southern Ladies in
O RLANDO ~ Cyprus Gardens ~ Florida ! They were the
V ERY ESSENCE  of the Lovely Ladies of Southern USA !
E LEGANT ~ beautiful ~ voluptuous and sassy ~ real smart
L ADIES  and their dresses were to die for. All ages Older
Y OUNG  and even Children ~ I fell in LOVE with them ALL !

L ADIES  are intrinsically lovely ~ we're just made that way
A LL LADIES  are born with charm ~ femininity ~ allure very 
D ESIRABLE  as Friends ~ Partners ~ Wives ~ Mothers and
I   LOVE  Ladies just as much as I adore Men but differently !
E VERY LADY  is my Sister my Confidante and my Soul Mate.
S O PLEASE  treat us all as Precious ~ Natures greatest Gift ! 

Thanks for reading ~ comments welcome ~ LOL ISSA XOX

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Feb 12, 2013