My Collection Of Short Poems I Wrote In Study Today

I don't usually write poems like these, but I was bored, and just started writing random things. They aren't meaningless though.

Two cats running around
Two cats acting like clowns

A close line blowing in the wind
A person that has just sinned

Two cat no more
All that's left is their bodies and fur

Got to stay in line
About to loose my mind
Gonna cut them all
Then watch as they fall

Mouse, mouse
What do you do when you see a cat?
My oh my you're looking quite fat!
Let me in your house,
my great friend mouse
Let me in and I'll clean your blouse

Oh I forgot to say
my dear friend mouse
I am the cat!
lonerwolfhowling lonerwolfhowling
18-21, F
Feb 14, 2013