Valentine'S Day Is Lost

They smile as they look in the window
As their parents nudge their small backs
the teen girls swoon when they look in
And their boy friends never look with them
on a stool behind two pristine layers of glass
They see it and it doesn't see them
then it is bought with out second thought
And brought to a simple stuck-up rude little brat
This is what we've made it. This was not his dream
this was not the true intent; of dear Saint Valentine
Their are children starving, as we're sitting in our beds
We want candy and chocolates, they want to rest their heads
So you'll try to make it better when this sweet time has past
Just like a simple fat child, who's always chosen last
you'll always remember, though this event will pass
when you see that little girl with her Valentine
Remember What they've lost;
And if you really care for them attempt to pay the cost.
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Feb 14, 2013