Teaspoons of Spice

This is a writing challenge from a friend on another site: a five minute poem about the teaspoon / fastest fingers / no editing. Here it is:   

living life in measured doses,

the closeness i'm missing is soon set free. 

what's going on here i say as my day becomes clear

longing to be near my far away friends  

heaping that serving onto my plate,

wooden spoons stir in me a longing for more than just this conventional existence

searching for that recipe of ingredents blended  

not too much hot pepper you say,

but just enough to spice up this day

give me more than just a teaspoon of life,

this strife is so bland give me that big spoon full of excitement

FreakOfNature FreakOfNature
3 Responses Oct 18, 2008

Thanks for post. Like it.

I hate duplicate groups. Thought it a good time to switch over w/only one poem posted ATM.<br />
<br />
ha ha

Just as entertaining and fun as before. Thanks for posting here!