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I messed up real bad..believe me, I know
The regret I feel will forever show

Our friendship was the best, though you think it a lie
Everything else was true..even that final good-bye

I'm not being selfish, I promise, it's true-
I'd give up my happiness just to show you

The pain I've caused will never reach its end
but I'll make it up...I'll help it mend

All I'm asking for is one more chance..
Please give my reaching hand one last glance

Sorry is just a word, but I'm trying to give it meaning
I'm doing my very best..but it seems as if I'm dreaming

I'm a brand new person..and I swear it's not a lie
If I can't have your friendship..I'd rather lay down and die

I know I'm not needed--it's the scariest feeling of all
I care so much..and yet my world is taking a fall

I hurt you so're now doing the same
but I guess once again..I'll take all of the blame

Our friendship was true..look back and think
dig within your heart..please don't let this sink

you said that no disaster could destroy this bond
And this is a disaster that goes far beyond...

But please, I'm the same person you grew to love
I made a big mistake..don't give me that final shove

You know everything about know the real me
you find that impossible..but I promise you'll see

You really are the reason I'm still living...
and for you, my life is still worth giving

Things have changed, but only for the best
let me be your friend and help put this to rest

I'm not being naive..I know I was wrong
I'm trying to make peace..I may not have very long

I rarely beg..but I'm begging today
I'm on my knees trying to find a way

I want this to work..but if you really want me gone,
I won't keep praying, and I'll try to move on

I've given you time..I've expressed how I feel
now it's your turn to tell me: were your words real?

Some of mine weren't, but I told you the truth
now you tell me...are your's worth the sleuth?

If you really believe that I never helped you out..
then tell me..I'll be gone and without one little shout

If you really believe that you never had my attention 24/7,
then you'll never hear from me until we meet in heaven

If you think for a second that I never really cared
you couldn't be more wrong, because I always dared!

I dared to care when you needed to confide
I dared to care when you just wanted to hide...

The cut runs deeper than the words that I said..
but the love in my heart runs deeper than any dread

If leaving me alone is the best thing for you..
then make sure it really is before you go through

You could shut me out,expose me to unbearable harm
and 6 months from now, I'd still welcome you with open arms

You could hate my guts and let me know
but as I promised, I wouldn't let go

I'll never hurt you again..and the only way you'll see
Is if you open your eyes and let it be

To you my heart is always open wide..
won't you open yours a little and let me inside?

I'll never forget you, and I'll love you till the end..
'cause no matter what'll always be my best friend

We have been through more than any other two..
This is just another obstacle that we have to pass through

So please,I've done my part...I'm finished pursuing
Now you tell me, was it worth doing?


-meghan nelson

juggalettebingy juggalettebingy
18-21, F
Jul 20, 2007