lightning dances through
the sky
 rainbow shapes take hold
of my mind.
 the green of trees and drops
of dew, cold, wet, fresh
 it all spins around me always
chased by the rainbows billowing
 white dress, long hair the colour of
laughter sings to me, dreams kiss me
my soul is failing and giving up
but for these moments of effervescent happiness
im letting go...
bright white glory
and neon purification
i'll be okay.
falling into the wet, the cold grass
laughing all the time
smelling the earth
smiling at the simplicity
i see the rainbow ahead
i reach out and grasp its hand, pulling
me through the clouds.
the green fades, the cold warms
and i see you.

fallaway fallaway
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 16, 2009

Very nice.

i just love your poem i write them to it so calming to come up whith good ideas and u did i would like to read more of your stuff.