Edge Of A Complex State


 Through the pouring rain,

The Night, and through the depths of hell,

A light does shine,

Illuminating fear and healing hearts,

Crushing dreams draped in grey,

And Picking up the shattered pieces,

Not all of the world is submerged in evil,

Some drowning souls are saved,

Sometimes simple details in life,

Can warm the coldest of hearts,

Like the blue eyed gaze of a lost child,

Has The power to melt a thousand ice burgs,

And the love for another,

Can burn down never-ending woods,


Mountain tops that pierce the sky,

And vast oceans stretch to the edge of the earth,

To fill all dimensions of space with life,

With a chance of being found,

But complex and un-explored,

Faith is a leap in the dark,

Faith in God, faith of trust or even life,

You choose to jump and hope to be caught,

Or stay perched on the edge,

The edge of false hope,

The boundaries of a dream,

It's incomplete and tied with riddles...


LunaWolff LunaWolff
18-21, F
Feb 21, 2010