He Waits

He drops his suit case on the floor and pours himself a drink. He wonders where his life went, what changed it all so quickly. The rain beating against the windows still remindes him of himself, tierisly pushing against the hands of time to no avail. Deep crows feet left by the memories, dark unsmiling eyes once lit with the light of laughter. He pours another glass as the sean plays before his eyes. watching helplessly as he makes the same mistakes and says all the wrong things over and over again.


When the phone rings he still hopes that its her, when a car pulls up or the door opens, when heals clap against the hall floors... His hope is that its her. The one who looked into his eyes, the one who made them light. The one who would rest against him and in turn hold him to her with all the love she possesed. He still hold on to the hope he didnt make to worst mistake, that it wasnt as big as it seemed, that she would come to him in rememberance of there love... He waits.

DarkAmber DarkAmber
18-21, F
Mar 15, 2010