Well, You Ask For It...

I would want you to be my slave and do exactly what I say. you will need to suck my uncut **** for at least 1 hour daily. while you are sucking my **** in the 69 position, I will take the rubbery beads and insert them one by one deep into your *******. As the larger beads enter your *******, you will moan and scream but I will not remove those bids from your back side. Instead I will push them harder and you will then start enjoying the ******* beads.
All the while you are sucking my **** harder and harder. You gulp the whole of the **** deep inside your throat.
After some time, I remove the beads from your back hole and I start licking your hole. Hmmm, it tastes so good to lick your *******.
I then order you to change the position, you come and sit on my face and I lick your ****. You go wild with my licking of your **** so deep. While I am licking your **** I am pressing your boobs and holding your nipples in between my fingers and press your nipples so hard that you start screaming, but you love it,,.. you ask me to massage your lovely boobs even more.

You will also be my ****. I will take you to my friends house and ask you to suck his thick ****. you are refusing to do so saying you find the **** of my friend too thick and cannot take it inside your mouth.
I get very upset with your denial of what I am asking you to do. I pick up the leather belt and ask you to sleep on you stomach, you are totally naked and begging me to release you and let you go. I force you on to the bed and splash the leather belt on your bums. Your bums get sizzling hot with repeatative splashing of my the leather. You scream with pain and beg me to stop. At last, you agree to suck my friend's ultra thick **** and you take my friend's **** in your aching mouth. After some efforts, you have been able to take my friend's (who is sitting on a chair and you are sucking by being on all four)**** in your mouth and I am happy.

As you are busy sucking my friend's ****, I explore your arse by inserting a couple of my fingers.You get very delighted with my touch there. You have now started enjoying both the **** sucking and arse fingering. I have lubricated your arse enough for me to insert my **** without much pain to you. You have deliberated started pushing your bums back in order to get my **** fully inside your *******.

This whole episode lasts for over an hour and you are signalling that you are now exhausted. I give a damn to how much you are exhausted. My friend sprays his *** deep inside your mouth and gradually his **** get limp and comes out of your mouth. I keep on ******* you in your arse and you are now begging to me to stop as you can't take it anymore.You are a true **** now.

I then lift up and throw you on to the bed....
The rest of the story at a later time....
chalucha chalucha
46-50, M
Aug 9, 2010