Words Of Pure Bliss...

Waving goodbye to her girl friend, she quickly made her way into her house.

There was a story that she eagerly wanted to read that was written just for her.
She grabbed a glass of wine, turned her mobile off and sat in front of her computer.....and there it was!
With sheer excitement she began to read it.
Her senses are heightened with every word.
She is so turned on, that she can feel her nipples begin to tingle and her ***** getting moist as the affair in this well written piece of work unravels.
Completely turned on and overwhelmed with sexual tension she new what she had to do.
Grabbing a couple of scented candles and another glass of wine,she made her way to a bath filled with sensual oils.
The water was just perfect . She could feel it caressing her erect nipples and loved the way it swirled around her ***** as she immersed into it.
All she could think of was the words and she closed her eyes and imagined he was here.
Her fingers gently made their way between her legs searching to find her swollen **** .
She began to softly moan as she rubbed and circled it...she knew that any minute now she would feel a complete and utter explosion of sheer pleasure...she held her breath and as she began to climax she exhaled with total satisfaction. A wave of relaxation raced through every inch of her body!!!!!
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A well written short story!

Great from beginning to the end .... Nice one !

Thank you

Your welcome to private message me any day ... Such talent ...?to have it one to one .... ooooh

Lol...thank you kind Sir

I would love to hear from you .... Will keep it clean if

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