Raw And Dirty

This is an excerpt from a short story I wrote. I hope you like it!

You hear a knock at the hotel door.


Did he forget his key, you wonder. Is he coming back for more? God, I hope so, you think. A small smile plays at your lips as you pull open the door.

In the same second, you are disappointed and then void of thought.

Alex stands in front of you.

His stance is casual, but the look in his eyes tells you it is more than a casual visit.

There is no electricity, no emotional connection, but there is attraction and heat. You instantly decide that is enough.

Pulling the door open wide, you step aside to let him in. He steps in close to you, your shoulders touching as he moves past. You watch him walk to the center of the room, then he turns to face you. He waits for you to close the door before he speaks.

"Come here."

You go to stand in front of him.

He looks hard at you, right in your eyes, then grabs you at the nape of your neck. He leans forward to kiss you. His is not shy about it. His tongue is in your mouth before your lips even touch, and you feel his teeth pressed against your lips. He pulls your mouth roughly from his, but keeps you close. You feel his breath on your face as he says in a low but firm voice, "I've been feening for you all day. Don't make me wait any longer."

You are not as shocked or as shaky as before. You meet his gaze with fire and readiness in your eyes. You feel almost as if you are challenging one another.

You reach up to give a kiss nearly as fierce as his, and you break away the same as well. "Let's go, baby."

There are no games. No hesitations. You both know what you want and you each go after it brazenly.

His fingers twist in your hair and his mouth is on yours again.

He whirls you around in a passionate fury, grabbing your arms just below the wrists, and shoving you hard up against the wall. He grabs your thigh and pulls your leg roughly up and around his waist. You settle your heel on his rock-hard *** as he slides his hand up your thigh and takes hold of the waistband of your panties. He releases your other wrist as well, and in the next moment your hands are on his neck, in his hair. He reaches under your skirt with both hands. You hear the elastic of your panties snap and feel yourself jerk closer to him as he rips them from your body.

You moan with anticipation, holding his hair tighter, thrusting your hips forward. He is breathing hard, angrily; his voice is a low growl. "Mmm, you like it rough?" he says close to your ear. His body is pressed to yours, holding you against the wall.

"Yes!" you hiss. He smiles. He takes his right hand and, placing his thumb and fingers on either side of your jaw, turns your face away from him. Your breathing is labored, and your breasts push into his chest with each rise and fall of your own. His mouth is at your ear, his breath warm on your neck. "Do you want it?"

"Yes," you manage. Alex thrusts you against the wall, squeezing your face. "Do you want it?" he asks more forcefully. "Yes!" you say angrily.

"How bad do you want it?" His left hand has been squeezing its way up your thigh, and he now cups your mound, feeling your wetness against his palm. He turns your head to look at him once more. His eyes are dark, fiery. "How bad?" He insists again. He presses his palm harder against you. He feels you pulsating beneath him, your growing wetness. You squirm.

"Bad," you say, and close your eyes. Your left hand is now holding onto his arm, your right hand cupping his elbow, ready to push his hand against you harder. He pinches your clitoris and you gasp, squeezing his arms.

Alex laughs, a deep throaty sound, and pinches your **** again. Every nerve ending in your body screams. You squirm again, desperate for more.

"Hmm. I think you need it, too." He begins rolling your **** between his thumb and index finger, skimming over it, pinching... "Alex...please..." you beg.

"So, you want it...you need it...you like it rough..." his voice is seductive, teasing, yet still angry.

His right hand slides down your jaw and onto your throat. You glare at him, challenging him. You want more. And you don't care how you have to get it.

"Give it to me." You say in a low, stern voice.

He licks his lips.

Then his fingers are inside you, moving in circles, fast and deep. You clutch his elbow, wanting more of him inside you. Your hand moves down his arm. He spreads his fingers, stretching you, giving you room. You slide your middle finger in between his and you are moving together. You both feel your muscles tighten around your fingers and he squeezes your throat slightly. The heady sensation you feel only intensifies the pleasure below. Your muscles contract around your fingers, and Alex squeezes your throat again. Your one hand is moving faster inside you, the other is trying to pry his fingers from your neck. He increases the pressure both at your throat and inside you with each contraction you give. He knows you are about to ***, and gives your throat one final squeeze before releasing you. His fingers are still working your insides and the sudden rush of oxygen to your brain makes you *** instantly. You cry out fiercely, and claw at Alex's shoulder with your left hand, your right hand still moving with his inside you. 

You are gasping for breath. Alex removes his fingers from your folds and brings them up to your open mouth. He places them on your lips. You place your hand on his and guide his fingers in your mouth. He is pleased that you know what he wants and will acquiesce so readily. You suck on his fingers forcefully, even biting at times. Alex begins to moan and reaches down to unfasten his belt, then his pants. He pulls out his **** and begins to stroke himself, moaning, as you continue sucking on his fingers.

You reach down and place your hand above his. You cannot see him, but you know he is massive. The head bulges under your fingers and you twist your hand around and around as Alex's hand moves up and down. You continue in this way, increasing both speed and pressure, both of you moaning, your bodies rubbing together bruskly. Alex pulls his fingers out of your mouth and twines them in your hair, pulling your head down to his throbbing muscle. Your lips quickly replace his hand and you lick and suck with fervor as you feel the warmth of Alex's liquid fill your mouth. He tightens his grip in your hair and shoves your head against him, as he reaches his peak. His entire body trembles and he groans in pure satisfaction. When you are sure his vessel is emptied completely, you raise up to face him. Looking him square in the eye, you swallow, then take your hand and slowly wipe the few remaining droplets from your mouth. Alex takes your hand, brings it to his mouth, and licks the droplets away.

You are both animals; raw, dirty, lascivious. You smile at one another, knowing the best part is yet to come.

Alex steps closer, grabs the front of your shirt and rips it apart. Buttons fly in every direction. You undo your bra and his mouth is probing your breasts, alternating from left to right, sucking, biting, licking... you cry out as he bites into your breast, sucking hard. 

Enough already. 

"I want you," you say to him, breathlessly. "I want you inside me. Hard and fast and now!" You turn away from the wall and face the back of the sofa. He shoves you between your shoulders and you bend over the sofa. He grabs your hips and tears into you. You scream. He thrusts again, one hand on your lower back, the other begins to stroke your ****. You scream again.

He stands and you turn, twisting your arms around his neck. He pulls you up onto him and you wrap your legs around his waist, wriggling yourself into position over him. You thrust yourself down on top of him and he tips his head back, groaning loudly. He fills you, stretches you, driving the breath from your lungs.

He staggers forward until you are against the wall once more, and drives into you deeper than before. He spins you away from the wall and drops to his knees on the floor. His hands clasp your hips as he pushes into you, holding you to take him, all of him. You arch your back in pure pleasure and when you do he takes your breast in his mouth again. Driving, biting,sucking,driving again, holding you and giving you everything. All of him.

You clutch him with your entire body as the ****** breaks through and you feel him releasing into you, feel him tense and stiffen, and moan as he climaxes. He holds you so tightly you almost can't breathe, and for a long time you don't want to because your body is still pulsing with pleasure.

 After the quaking subsides for both of you, Alex pulls you off of him. You both stand and look at each other for a moment. He adjusts himself and buckles his pants and belt, never having taken them off. He kisses you deeply one last time and is out the door just as quickly as he appeared.  




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I love rough sex play every once in while. Very erotic story, indeed.