A Christams Surprise

    It was Christmas eve and his girl friend had been out of town for 3 wks and wasn't do back for 4 more days yet. He was bummed. All he could think about was her. Her scent, her touch, her looks, her everything. He moaned thinking about her as he opened the door to his apartment. Oh well, he thought, it's just a few more days, he could wait, he knew how to relieve himself.

   He opened the door to his apartment and was startled by a single candle with a gift next to it. He walked over to it, picked it up, turned it in his hands and shook it. No note, how did it get in here? He opened it. With a smile he pulled out a familiar blouse and skirt. It was his girlfriends. He smelled it.. Deeply he inhaled again just to make sure. Yes it was her scent, every inch of  his being knew it was hers. His **** started to tingle, she was here 4 days early.

  He looked around and down the hall was another candle and gift. This one was much smaller. He picked it up and opened it. This time it was her bra and pantie set. A deep red lacy set, one of her favorites and his. He brought it to his nose and inhaled deeply. Oh yes, these were hers, her style, her scent, her games. He was beaming now. His **** was getting very hard. He loved these games she enjoyed playing. She was unpredictable and creative, she kept him on his toes always thinking wanting more. What was she up to ? Where was she?

   He looked toward the bedroom door. Yes. There was a dim light coming from the room. He stepped in and was greated by his girlfriend laying on the bed naked except for a bow wrapped around her like a present. He put down her clothes on the chair  and walked over to the bed. She lay there as if sleeping. He bent over to kiss her. She opened her eyes and smiled. A great big naughty smile. O, yes, tonight looked to be a very promising night after all. He smiled back at her.

  She wrapped her arms around arms him and pulled him down for a kiss. She released him and started to undo his pants. He kicked off his shoes and let his shirt fall to the floor. She now had his *** cheeks in her hands and squeezed, then pushed his pants down. He kicked them off. Now he was totally naked and she was holding mistletoe over his ****. Her eyes were glowing with intent in the candle light. YES! She wrapped her wet, hot mouth around his erect ****. O god! her tongue! her amazing tongue, the way she licked his shaft up and down and tickled the head. He was already ready to blow. He took the mistletoe. Now both of her hands were free. As she sucked and licked with her mouth, her one hand was playing with his balls and the other grabbed his *** and pushed him deeper into her mouth.

  He began to moan. She stopped and looked up at him and asked if he would like to unwrap his gift.......

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Thank you Rayreef :)

:) Thank you. I do have a little bit of a naughty side ;)

Very good erotica you should share some with me one time