Runaway Weekend

Our spur of the moment weekend found us heading up the coast enjoying the scenery, but more importantly, enjoying the company of each other.  The small coastal community we stopped at for dinner offered a small, but unique, group of shops to peruse.  We enjoyed looking at the various custom pieces of artwork, clothing and jewelry.  In one clothing shop you found an item but wouldn’t show me what it was.


“I’ll show you when the time is right,” you said with a wink and your sexy smile.  I can not resist your smile and so I decided I could patiently wait.


“Now this says Bren all over it,” I said pointing to a necklace in a glass case.  As you made your way over to my side the clerk withdrew the item from the case and displayed it on a pad of black velvet.  It was hand made from silver, polished stones and some delicate shells.  The centerpiece of the necklace was a reddish stone that had a pattern that made it resemble polished redwood.  You tried it on and before you could say a word I told the clerk, “We’ll take it.”


The sparkle in your eyes told me you liked the piece.  The kiss on my lips told me you loved me.  The feeling is definitely mutual. 


Realizing we were losing day light and we should be looking for a place to spend the night we asked the clerk if there was lodging nearby.  She highly recommended a small hotel just ten minutes north of where we were.  According to the clerk it was a hidden gem that few travelers knew of, but those who did returned year after year.


Less than fifteen minutes later we entered the lobby of the small turn of the century hotel.  The clerk was a middle aged man of East Indian descent who spoke with heavily accented English.  We were in luck, there was one room remaining.  You giggled each time he mentioned the room because with his accent it always came out, “Honeymoan Sveet.” 


As I grabbed our luggage and you retrieved our purchases from the car I joked and said, “Aren’t you glad we got the Honeymoan Sveet?”


You responded by whispering in my ear, “I know one honey who can make me moan any day.”


We hurried to the room because a day of flirting was getting the better of us and we were wanting and needing some intimacy.


We arrived at the door to our suite and I set down the bags and opened the door.  You were about to enter the room when I stopped you.


“This is the honeymoan sveet my love.  I think I should carry you across the threshold.”


You giggled and fairly leaped into my arms kissing my neck as I carried you into the room.  As I set you gently on the floor we got a look at the room.  It was lavishly decorated in East Indian silks and accents.  As far as we could tell from the art work on the walls it was themed along the lines of the Kama Sutra.  I brought the bags in and locked the door behind us.  You found that the suite had a small balcony that had a partial view of the Pacific ocean and with the door open we could hear the familiar sound of waves against the shoreline. 


On the nightstand was a copy of the Kama Sutra and you playfully thumbed through the images and instructions for the various positions shown in the book.  I opened the closet to store our bags and I called you over.


“Aren’t those some of those cushions from that web site you proofed reviews for?”


“I think they are,” you replied and turning you saw at the foot of the bed what at first looked like a pillow covered bench one of the chair devices from the same web site.  “I think this was one of the Black Liberators.”


You turned to me and kissed me deeply.  As we embraced I kissed your ear and whispered in it, “I want you so badly my divine lover.”


Breaking the embrace you said to me, “Wait right here.”  Then you grabbed the bag from the clothing shop and disappeared into the bath room.  I closed the closet and found the room had a light dimmer.  I lowered the lights and plugged an ipod into the alarm clock on the nightstand.  Soft, sensual music gently filled the air.  I noticed on the wall opposite the balcony there was a small gas powered fireplace.  I flipped a switch and the logs ignited giving a romantic glow to the room.  About that time you opened the bathroom door and slipped through it. 


The golden glow in the room danced in your eyes and on your skin.  The pearl colored silk robe shimmered in the fire light. 


“What a beautiful robe,” I said in admiration.


“The robe is just part of it,” you said with a sly smile.  You gestured with your finger for me to come to you.  I did so very willingly.  As I neared you, you stuck your fingers into the knot of the silk tie around your waist and undid it.  Your robe separated revealing a filmy white see-thru baby doll negligee underneath the robe.  I slipped my hands under the robe and around your waist drawing you close to me.  Kissing you deeply our lips merged and our tongues sought out each other.  I could tell as I caressed your back that there was very little to the back of the outfit.  The vision of you had me very aroused and holding you in my arms only increased that desire.


I eased the robe off your shoulders allowing it to drop to the floor.  Taking my hand you started leading me to the bed, but then you veered slightly and went to the chair at the foot of the bed.  You pulled the pillows off the chair and placed them on the bed.  Then you turned around and kissed me deeply. 


“I’ve been wanting to try one of these out,” you purred softly.  I got a good look at your sexy body through the thin outfit.  It was then I noticed that not only was the top and thong see-thru, but the thong was also crotchless.  Your triangular patch of hair beckoned to me.  You turned back to the chair and knelt down on it shaping your body to the chair’s curve.  Your hips called to me, your posture told me you wanted to be taken from behind.  I caressed your back and kissed your bare shoulders.  I could see your hands were playing with the straps at the corners of the chair.


“Tie me,” you moaned softly.  I fastened the straps gently, but securely around your wrists as I rubbed the bulging area of my crotch against your sexy butt.  Then I continued kissing your shoulders and brushed your hair to one side to kiss your neck slowly.  As I did I began to undress and was soon rubbing the tip of my rigid shaft against your lower back and over your butt cheeks.  You moaned softly again as you got into the mood deeper.  As I kissed the small of your back I suddenly got an idea and broke away just long enough to retrieve the sash from your robe.


“What are you doing?” you purred without looking back to see what I was up to.  As the silk covered your eyes you smiled broadly and sighed.   “Mmmmm….I like that.”


I continued caressing, kissing and licking your shoulders, ears, neck, and back.  All the while my shaft got harder and harder.  I rubbed the tip of it between your legs and soon felt your moisture against it.


“Don’t tease me anymore,” you sighed.  “Give it to me!  Give it all to me!”


I slid deep inside of you and began rocking against your erotic body.  As you writhed on the curved chair your body and sounds encouraged me to drive deeper and faster. 


“Yes, yes, yes!”  You began moaning louder.  Encouraging me on.  My hands searched your body and finally cupped your breasts as I continued to pump my shaft deep inside of your hot, moist *****.  Your body began to shake with ****** after ****** which in turn triggered my own ****** releasing my hot *** deep inside of you.  I held you close from behind as I stayed deep inside of you feeling mini spasms from your body.


“Now we know why,” I whispered in your ear, “this is called the Honey Moan Sveet.”

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Am waiting for a man with such desires that burn me with passionate love fucck

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