Latent Wishes About Spanking And Caning

It is surprising what you learn about your partner as life goes on and it only took a chance happening for my wife and I to discover that we each had a dormant yearning to experience a thoroughly good spanking or caning.

I had never been spanked at home but had been caned at boarding school for allegedly w*nki*ng myself in bed although at that time I knew nothing about mast*urbat*ion and was having wet dreams. The Matron gave me rubber knickers to wear in bed to save further soiling of the bed linen but the thin latex pants only made things worse ( or better in my case!!) as I delighted in the feel of the latex on my skin and soon learnt to fondle myself in the pants and discover the delights of w*ank*ing. The tell-tale signs were soon spotted in the rubbers and reported back to Matron who made me put the rubbers back on and then bend down and touch my toes to receive 6 strokes of the cane on my buttocks. The rubber was not very thick and did not diminish the pain very much but much to my surprise I enjoyed the experience such that I finished up with an erec*tion and always thought thereafter that I wouldn't mind that happening again.

My wife had never been spanked at home either but when playing the hind part of a horse in a school pantomime, she had been whacked on the rump and ordered to "Gee up", and she too always remembered the experience and quite liked the idea of receiving this sort of treatment naked. We started to confess to each other when a newspaper published an article about a police raid on a club and finding a dominatrix clad head to toe in black rubber giving a good thrashing to a naked man who turned out to be local dignitary. The man's name was not divulged as he stated that he was not being assaulted but had in fact paid to get caned as he thoroughly enjoyed it.!!

To satisfy out latent urges we decided thereupon to spank each other in our rubber garments first of all and afterwards whilst naked if we wished. We assembled an assortment of implements for caning and gathered together a kitchen palette knife, a wooden spoon, a ping-pong bat and a birch twig from the garden and my wife elected to go first. She slipped into some d*ildo pants and fitted the artificial pe*nis tightly into herself whilst I snapped on a pair of very thin latex sheath pants. She bent over on my lap and after I'd paddled her bottom with the bat she said that I must be enjoying it too as she could feel me getting a 'h*ard-on as she lay across me. After spanking her with my bare hand and the other 'toys', I finished up with the birch cane which must have been more 'whippy' than i realised as she yelled loudly and jumped off lowering her knickers and withdrawing the di*ldo, and showing me a red weal on her bum.

It was then my turn for her to get her revenge and she set too with all the 'toys' and gave me a really good thrashing especially with the birch cane, and finished up with a sound hand spanking and I can now understand the dignitary's enjoyment of being thoroughly chastised as the pain of being caned and spanked by her did not prevent my receiving the ultimate enjoyment of filling the nodule at the end of my p*enis sheath with a massive ejac*ulat*ion.

They say that "mighty oaks from acorns grow" and from that entirely unexpected beginning we began another very full chapter in our sex life by including frequent sessions of spanking and caning. We wonder if our experiences are of interest to others and would be delighted if you could add your comments and observations to show that our 'coming clean' about our activities has not been a waste of time and thank you in anticipation.
FOOTNOTE.  Of the 84 people who have read this story at Jan 4th none has added any comment. We do hope that readers get pleasure out of reading about our activities and it would be encouraging even to read such comments as 'disgusting', 'I can do that', 'don't believe you', 'liar' or 'perverted old wa*nke*r' would enthuse us further and impel us to greater efforts.  PLEASE!!!!!

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1 Response Dec 11, 2012

Much of the theme of your story is quite normal. I believe many men and women want to spank and cane each other.