Bonnie And Clyde - Meowth'S Story

Bonnie and Clyde - Meowth's Story

" Clyde. I want you to do something for me." Spoke Giovanni in the shadows.

Clyde grew a smirk on his face. He knew exactly what Giovanni had in plan.

" I want you and Bonnie to do the inevitable. I want you to go to Bill's house in Cerulean City and demand him that you, yourself, use his new Poke'Swapper. I want you to transform into a Pokemon for me and If you do this, Clyde, you will be able to gain trust towards the wild Pokemon, then..all will be in my hands. You would be my most valuable member. Do this for me, Clyde and you will be one happy man.” Giovanni rumbled deeply.

“ Yes, Giovanni..sir.” Replied Clyde.

“ Good. Now that we have an agreement, contact Bonnie and be on your way.”

“ Right away, sir.”

Clyde ran down to the main level floor where he found Bonnie, standing guard at the main desk. He paused, then proceeded to walk slowly up to her. With his eyes on the floor and a grin across is face, Bonnie looked at him surprised and a bit confused.

“ What is it?” Bonnie asked as Clyde glared at her.

“ It's time.”

“ Hmh.” Bonnie grinned. “ Are you sure you can pull this off.. or would you rather that I do it are a little messy with your missions..It's barely your forte..” She said with a bit of a chuckle.

“ Nngahh! YOU DON'T KNOW THAT!!” Clyde shouted.

“ Oh really? What about your last mission when..MGHFF!!”

Clyde put his hands over Bonnie's mouth. “ Nngahh..I told you not to speak of thaat..!”

Bonnie forced his hands off of her mouth. “ Very well then, I'll have you know that if this mission fails, I'll tell the boss exactly what happened! Hahaha..let's just go. The faster we get this over with, the better.” She replied.

Bonnie and Clyde walked outside, spotting a young trainer, who appeared to be looking for a battle. Clyde sneered at him, holding up his Poke'ball.

“ CLYDE!! We're supposed to be on our way, don't worry about that little brat he won't even get passed the front desk!!”

“Oh really?!” Stepped in the young kid. He was short with a green shirt and had a bandana tied around his head.

“ Do you want to try me?? I'm the best in my class!” sneered the kid.

“And what is that, preschool?” Bonnie asked.

The little kid growled, enlarging his Poke'ball.

“ Hahaha!” Laughed Clyde. “ What is that Pokemon? A Rattata?”

Bonnie and Clyde laughed at the kid. Growing angry, the little kid then threw his Poke'ball high in the air.

“ Go get em, Boxxy!!” The small kid yelled. Out came a large Machamp. Bonnie and Clyde sat in amazement. This Machamp wasn't just any ordinary Machamp, it was fairly large and more muscular than usual. Quickly, they snapped out of it.

“ Ghahh.. Go, Scyther!!” Yelled Clyde.

“ Jynx!!” Yelled Bonnie.

“ Scyther! Use wing attack!!”

“ Jynx! Use Ice punch!!”

Scyther and Jynx attack at the same time, knocking out the Machamp in a 2 hit K.O. . The Machamp fell to the ground and weakly called out to it's trainer.

“ Ahh!! Boxxy!!” Cried the kid, as he ran over to his Pokemon and hugged it. “ Why did you guys have to be so mean to Boxxy?!” Growled the kid.

“ I hardly believe that you go to school if you're asking a question like that. You started this battle, you got what you asked for. Now leave before we send you to our boss, he'll make your..uhm..Boxxy look like a Magikarp.” Said Bonnie.

The kid, returned his Pokemon into it's Poke'ball and quickly ran away, crying.

“ Now that that's over..” Bonnie started.

“ Right..Let's go.” Clyde finished.

They got into their high tech vehicle that allowed them to be incognito while driving to Cerulean City. It took them a long three hours to get from Viridian City to Cerulean City but finally, the had arrived to Bill's house. Clyde thought to himself for a bit, wondering if he was making a wise choice on his part. After all, he was a bit clumsy and the mission he had in hand, could not be spoiled. “No,” he thought. He shook is head. “I can do this. I know I can.”

“ Let's go, Clyde!” Bonnie shouted as she stepped out of the vehicle.

For some reason, Clyde started to feel a bit uneasy again but he ignored it and proceeded to get out of the vehicle, rushing up behind Bonnie. He grew a fake, evil smile to prevent his inner nervousness from showing, then, as Bonnie and Clyde lined up on each side of the door, Bonnie gave the signal andClyde burst in. He immediately began ordering Bill to get on the ground until Bonnie safely locked the door.

“ W-what do you want from me?!” Bill asked. His body was shaking as he laid the floor. His hands where over his head and he was unable to look either of them in the eye.

“ GET UP! “ Ordered Clyde, as Bonnie stood in front of the door.

Bill got up from the floor, hesitant and afraid. “ What do you want from m-me?” He asked again.

“ Your Poke'Swapper. It's the best that's ever been made and the most upgraded version too. We want to use it. If you don't let us, you'll be sorry. Transform me into a Pokemon and nobody gets hurt..understood?” Clyde replied.

“ Yes!! Y-es, anything! Just don't hurt me!!” Bill cried.

“ So..what are you waiting for?” Clyde asked.

Bill's face was written with fear all over. Shaken, he booted up his PC and started the Poke'Swapper machine. “ I-I just have to push a few buttons and y-you're all ready to g-go!”

“ Well, hurry up!! We don't have all day!” Clyde said, irritated.

“ Which Pokemon did you h-have in mind, sir?”

“ Just pick doesn't matter..”

“ Well..It kind of -”

“ I SAID, IT DOESN'T MATTER!!” Clyde yelled.

Bill coward, pressing a button. The light above the doors to the Poke'Swapper turned on.

“ Y-you may go in now sir..” Bill said, backing away into the corner, slowly.

Clyde walked into the door on the right. The doors closed, showing only his face through a small but thick window. Clyde grinned at Bonnie, Bonnie returned the grin. Then, a white light shone through the cracks of the door and through the window. Above, there was a long tube, connecting the two parts of the machine together. A little white light slowly went from the right to the left and finally, down into the left side of the machine. There, a white light shone through the cracks and the window, just like it did with the right side. The doors opened as steam rolled out onto the floor. A dark image appeared from the steam, completing the form of a Pokemon.

“ Clyde..I..” Said Bonnie. She was amazed at the transformation.

“ What do I look like?” asked Clyde. He looked at his hands – err – paws. They where white with three fingers. He looked at his feet. They where brown with three toes. He looked back and saw his tail. It was long and curled, both white and brown.

“ I'm a..What am I?” Clyde asked.

“ Clyde..” Bonnie started, “ You're a Meowth!!”

Clyde's face grew angry. He looked over at Bill, cowering in the corner.


“ Clyde, calm down!! Anything is fine, we have to complete our mission now!! NOW, LET'S GO BEFORE THE POLICE SHOW UP!!” Bonnie yelled.

Bonnie opened the door and ran out side, Clyde following close behind her. He stopped and looked at Bill, who still had fear written all over his face.

“ You're an idiot.” Clyde remarked and ran out.

Bonnie and Clyde hopped into the vehicle and drove for off to Fuchasia City, where the Safari Zone was located, a place with very few population and a collection of wild Pokemon, all that they could desire. 4 hours had lead them to the welcome sign. They stopped and Bonnie dressed up in a green shirt and blue pants, putting her hair in pigtails. Then, both got out of the vehicle and it started to transform into a huge shipping truck. They got back in and slowly drove up to the gates that entered into the Safari Zone. Bonnie and Clyde started to laugh, knowing that their plan was going perfectly well so far.

Walking up to the front desk, Bonnie intended to enter the Safari Zone with Clyde. She paid 500 in Pokemon cash and the Safari Zone receptionist gave Bonnie 20 Safari balls and some Bait. She started walking towards the door, without a word and Clyde followed her.

“ Wait!” Shouted the receptionist. “ You can't take your Meowth into the Safari zone!!”

“ Oh? “ Bonnie questioned. “ Uh..well then..Get into your Poke'ball, Meowth!”

Bonnie took out an empty Poke'ball and threw it at Clyde. It opened up, took him in and wiggled around for a bit as if it where trying to capture him. The Poke'ball stood still, the red light faded for a second, then lit up again, spitting Clyde out of the ball and back onto the floor of the reception area.

“ Wait.. What?” Bonnie looked at Clyde, confused. Clyde looked up at her, shouting, “ Meowth!” To make himself more like a Poke'mon.

“ Oh..” Said the receptionist, “ He can stay here with me!”

Bonnie smiled and crouched down to Clyde.

“ You can stay here for a bit, okay? I'll be right back.” Bonnie said, sweetly, as if Clyde where her Pokemon. “ Slip into the Safari Zone when she's not looking.” Bonnie whispered.

Clyde shook his head and replied, “ Meowth.”

Even Clyde thought that sounded weird but he knew that his job was on the line and he definitely couldn't turn back now. He was already half way in! He carefully observed the movements and behaviour of the staff working there. Another couple proceeded to walk in.The receptionist turned around and smiled at Clyde. “ I'll be right back! Don't you move.” And walked off.

“Here's my chance..” Clyde thought to himself, with a smug look on his face. He snuck his way in, quietly. Inside, he saw a field with tall grass, hills and trees. He could hear trickling water near by and the place smelled great, like fresh water and deep green grass. He walked into a bush looking around for Bonnie, unsure of where she could have went off to.

“ I guess we should've discussed a meeting spot.. This is ridiculous!”

Just then, a rustling came from the right. Clyde looked around, worried that it would be a wild Pokemon, possibly a Rhyhorn – which is the only Pokemon that crossed his mind.

“ I hear something over here!!” A girl's voice called.

A girl popped through the long grass and stood high in front of Clyde, clutching a Safari ball in her hand.

“ WWOOW!! A Meowth!! I've always wanted one!!” The girl shrieked, with stars in her eyes. She threw some bait, which hit Clyde in the forehead and bounced off into his paws. He looked at the girl questionably. He looked at the bait, then back at the girl.

“ Come on, cute Meowth! Eat the food!” The girl egged on.

Clyde, being clueless, popped the food in his mouth and chewed it. It tasted like stale bread, nothing great enough for a Pokemon to put full trust into a Pokemon Trainer. Clyde looked at the girl, thinking to himself, “ Why would I want this annoying girl to be my trainer? She looks so dumb....Wait..What am I saying? I'm not a Pokemon..” Then, without thought, he was captured by a Safari ball but just like Bonnie's Poke'ball, spit him back out. She threw another ball at Clyde and this time she capturing him. The red light stopped glowing and the girl cheered but then, the red light began to glow again and Clyde was again, spit out of the Safari ball.

“ What?! I caught you fair and square!!” The girl started crying. “ That was my last Safari ball..I was so close to catching a Meowth and now I have nothing!!” She fell onto her knees as tears where dripping onto the ground. “What is wrong with me?”

Clyde was feeling sorry for her. He walked up to her and put his paw on her shoulder, thinking to himself, “Why do I feel such emotions for this trainer? I don't even know her and I feel bad that she wasted all her Safari balls on me..”

“ CLYDE!! I-I mean Meowth!! Come over here at ONCE!!” Bonnie shouted from behind.

Clyde looked back, at a mad Bonnie. He ran over by Bonnie's side. Then, the girl looked up and stared at Bonnie.

“ O-Oh...this was YOUR Meowth?” The girl asked.

Bonnie nodded.

“ Oh..I'm sorry.. I thought he was a wild Pokemon.. Ha ha! No wonder I couldn't capture him!!” She said, growing a smile with her hand touching the back over her head in embarrassment.

“ Sorry for the trouble!” The girl said, walking off to the entrance.

“ What took you so long? Didn't get lost did you?” Bonnie sneered.

“ Me?! Who's brilliant idea was it to not have a meeting spot!! I got pummelled with dry bread bits you -”

“ Forget it!! Start gathering Pokemon by using the Pokemon march!! Hurry up before the Police find our trail! I bet that twerp in Cerulean City has already called them!!”

Clyde rushed out towards the grasslands. He started a Pokemon march in just a few short minutes. It wasn't hard really. The march included all different kinds of Pokemon following him including, Vulpix, Grimer, Pikachu and Staryu. Lots and lots of Pokemon, followed his lead, then he went with the plan. “ Let's race!! First one to the big white box!!” He egged on the Pokemon. All had rushed, nearly trampling him over. Clyde ran as fast as he could, the stampede of pokemon, ran into the reception area and out the front door. Bonnie somehow managed to keep up with the wild, running Pokemon, each of them hopping in the back of the large vehicle.

There where hundreds. Hundreds upon hundreds of wild Pokemon in the back, they must have cleared the whole Safari Zone! Clyde watched Bonnie as she closed the latch on the back of the vehicle, sealing up the Pokemon, with no way of escaping. They hopped into the front seat, barely seeing the receptionist running out and shouting, asking them to stop but of course, they didn't. As they rolled off they laughed with each other, feeling great about their unspoiled mission. Clyde felt great. In his mind, it was the perfect plan that pulled off amazingly.

They where driving up route 13 and just about to cross the bridge that lead them to Lavender Town – the better route to go without any traces – When a shadowed figure stood in the way of their path. They stopped and honked the horn.

“ Get out of our way!!” Yelled Bonnie from the window.

It was a man with a red and white hat. He looked up at them and took out an odd looking ball. It was a purple and pink ball with the letter “ M “ on the front of it. He threw it up in the air, releasing the Pokemon inside.. it emerged.

“ Wha-what is that thing?” Clyde asked.

It looked like a large, yellow cat. Black stripes, long front teeth and it appeared as if there was a purple-like mane on the back of it. It's face, looked like it had a star on it. It screamed, “ RAIIKKOU!!” and then jumped on top of the vehicle. Bonnie and Clyde ran out of each door as fast as they could but it so happened that two other mysterious Pokemon showed up in front of them, they had no where to go. One, had a star on it's face like the first. It was large, brown and red. The third, had a long snout, ribbons, purple mane, blue fur and a weird, circular crest on it's head.

“ Wha-What are these things?!!” Clyde called out.

Then, to their amazement, came in 5 Officer Jenny's, surrounding them quickly and handcuffing them.

“ You are being arrested for breaking in entering the home of a civilian. You both have the right to remain silent.” Said one, as they where both being thrown into the back of a police car.

They had driven all the way back down and into Vermillion City, where they where thrown into a jail cell. Clyde walked into the corner and sat down. He started crying.

“ Now, Clyde..don't start blubbering because the mission failed..” Bonnie said, sternly.

“ My entire job was on the line...I was doing a huge favour for the boss, so that I could become his number 1 rocket memeber. He would've respected me...finally..after all the hard work I had put in over the years... I was more than lucky that he didn't throw me out on the street whenever I failed to complete a mission but this..This was my big break..and I failed...After 5 years of building my rank up, I failed. He will be so disappointed with me...and you...The worst thing was, that I had dragged you into this and now the boss will be upset with you too..I should have went alone..”

“ Now Clyde..You know you couldn't have done it alone.. You needed me..”

“ True but I could have turned it down..”

“ Clyde...I would’ve done the same thing....if the boss had asked me too...don't hard on yourself..” Bonnie said, with tears welling up in her eyes.

“ I change my appearance for him..It should be enough to prove that I went with the mission but it won't be.. You know him..this will only remind him that I'm nothing but a failed mission..“

Bonnie's tears fell to the floor. She felt bad for Clyde, having to be the way that he was. A few hours later, the word had got out that Bill's Poke'Swapper was destroyed, along with all the others in the region. A ban had also been passed after a few days, that any of those who purchased a Poke'Swapper would be immediately thrown in jail.

Clyde had been crying for days. Bonnie as well. Clyde knew that his days as a human being where completely over. Bonnie felt bad for Clyde, being manipulated by Giovanni for his own personal benefit. Bonnie didn't know what to do or how to console Clyde, knowing that the rest of his life, had to be spent as a Pokemon.

“ Okay,” Said officer Jenny, “ Everything is in order and you're free to go.” She said, opening up the cell.

Bonnie and Clyde spent the last few days, walking to Viridian City so they could meet up and talk with with the boss. The had hoped that they could explain what happened. Finally reach the building, walking in, slowly, low on energy. The ugly looks and sneers where all pointed directly at them. A member of team rocket rushed and yelled in Bonnie's face, “ YOU'RE A DISGRACE TO THE NAME, 'TEAM ROCKET'!” but instead of fighting, they just kept walking by, hanging their heads low.

Walking up the stairs, they looked into the eyes of Giovanni's guard. He growled at them, slowly walking away. “ Losers..” he mumbled under his breath. Bonnie took a deep breath and knocked on their boss's door. It swung wide open. They proceeded to walk in slowly to a stop. Giovanni spun around in his chair in to face them.

“ You have a lot of nerve showing your faces here!!!” He shouted.

Bonnie and Clyde continue to hang their heads low.

“ BOUTHE!!” Shouted Giovanni, “ GET CLYDE OUT OF MY SIGHT!! He is no longer a part of Team Rocket!! He's a DISGRACE!!”

The guard in a black Team Rocket uniform came out from the shadows, grabbed Clyde by the tail and took him downstairs. Bonnie started rinning after the both of them, shouting Clyde's name, asking Bouthe to stop. Ignoring her words, Bouthe tossed Clyde outside of the doors and Clyde's face firmly hit the ground. Bonnie ran out after him, running to his side and helping him up.

“ Clyde..I -”

“ Don't worry about it, Bonnie..” Clyde interrupted, “ I'm nothin' to nobody anymore..” He said, walking away slowly, head hanging down and scuffs all over his body.

“ Clyde wait!! I-” Bonnie shouted. But Clyde was already gone, disappearing into the crowd.

Over the next 4 months, Bonnie had to put her head together and started building her own Poke'Swapper inside of an old shack. The torn up and mangled instructions that she had gathered through various old Poke'Swapper boxes did not have any description on how the 'Reverse Mode' worked. Puzzled, she stopped the process for a week. She felt hopeless, knowing that even though she could find Clyde herself, he would truly, never be a human again.. but then, it hit her.

“ Maybe I can't make him into a human again...” She thought, “ But I can transform myself!!”

Bonnie then continued with her work. It wasn't the best looking, in fact it looked shabby and it definitely wasn't like Bill's but it worked. Bonnie was determined to get Clyde back into Team Rocket, even if it meant that she had to transform into a Pokemon herself. Maybe..just maybe, Giovanni could see the potential in the both of them, as a team. To Bonnie, this idea was brilliant! She couldn't be more happier with her plan.

She started up the Poke'Swapper. She thought of which Pokemon would best suit her. “hmm” she thought. Then, she chose. She felt it was the best one, something that could make Clyde feel better about himself and bring the better out for their team. She took a deep breath and entered the Poke'Swapper. With one light going from the right to the left of the machine, she had exited out and sat down, just to take a moment to think of her permanent transformation. This was it,there was no turning back. This was who she was now.

Bonnie had tried to find Clyde for hours. Days. She searched high, low, in out, up and down. Nothing. She felt as if she lost hope. Thinking to her self, she thought that maybe he had went off to another town. “No,” she thought. “ He couldn't have gone that far,,” So, she continued the search, looking everywhere she could think of. She went around a corner that lead to a dumpster where she heard a clang. As she turned the corner she saw him, Clyde, eating a bone from the garbage.

“ Prrow?” Bonnie asked. “Wait, what?!” Bonnie thought to herself. “ I can't talk? How can this be??”

Looking back, Bonnie realized the huge overstep that she made on a direction. She forgot to create a human tone, voice activator that was key to the machine and the exchange. “Oh no! How could I be so clumsy?!” She realized then and there, that this was a default that was going to effect the rest of her life.

“ Yeah..what do you do you know my name?” Clyde shouted.

“ Prrow! Mrr Proow!”

“ Bonnie? Is that really you? Wait..You're a Persian now?? How could..” Clyde was in shock. “ ..Why did you do this to yourself?!

“ Prooww, prrmproww!”

“ You did it for..Me?? So we could go back to Team Rocket??”

“ Prrow!” Bonnie said, smiling. “Prrow, Rrrmmrprrow!”

“ That's an excellent idea, haha!”

Bonnie and Clyde walked together over to the Team Rocket building. They walked in and up the stairs. No one seemed to really notice. They walked into Giovanni's office and stood there.

“ Yes, what is it that you want?!” Giovanni shouted.

“ Boss, it's just us and we have a plan! A plan to better our team for the greater of your benefit!” Clyde spoke out.

“ CLYDE?! I thought I -” Giovanni stopped. “ Who's that beside you?! TELL ME AT ONCE!!”

“ This is Bonnie..she created her own Poke'Swapper and transformed herself into a Persian, so that we could be a great team, one that can snag all the Pokemon! We don't even need a human..”

“ What are you saying, that my team is worthless?”

“ N-no, sir! We where just saying..”

“ GET OUT OF MY SITE! NOW! I DON'T NEED YOU OR YOUR IDEAS! YOU'RE A DISGRACE!” Clyde sighed, then started walking out the door. “ As for'll stay with me!”

“ Huh?” Clyde said, turning around to Bonnie and Giovanni. “ Wait, Bonnie..aren't you coming?” Clyde asked.

“ ...Purrow...” Bonnie said, lowering her head.

“ What?! Why not? You said we where going to be a team!!”

Bonnie looked away from Clyde.

Clyde's eyes started to grow tears. Dripping down his face, his mouth half open, he stared at Bonnie, waiting for her to look back.

“ So that's it...after all this really don't care for me, do ya? You just...” Clyde wiped his eyes..” I'm just nothing but a walking, talking street cat to you..” Clyde turned around and proceeded to walk out.

“ Prrooww!!” Bonnie shouted, rushing to him. She nudge his arm.

Clyde didn't turn around. He didn't even look at her. He was too ashamed.

“ Go work for the boss, Bonnie. I know that was always your dream..” He said, pulling his arm away and running off.

Bonnie's eyes started to tear up. “ PRRROWWW!” she called out to Clyde. Her voice echoed the dark, empty hallway as everything faded to the darkness.

A year later, Meowth was lazing around Fusicha City, where the adventure with Bonnie and him began. He couldn't get her out of her mind, even though the word was that Team Rocket had been better than ever since she was there. Everyone had been talking about Giovanni and his new Pokemon that had seemed to beat everyone in site with her simple, basic attacks. It was the biggest news on the street. In that one year, Clyde had learned a whole lot about him and his new body. He could not use any attacks and he could not be caught in a Poke'ball. He could understand other Pokemon but even though that seemed great, living as a Pokemon was the hardest thing in the world. He had to fend for himself and find his own food. Often, trainers would pummel him with their own Pokemon, attempting to catch him. The life was rough, it was cruel and it was exhausting.

He figured out that he could not be caught or use any of the normal Pokemon attacks, because he, indeed, was not a real Pokemon. He was a human being, trapped inside of a digitally created Pokemon's body. Scratch attack, Bite, Double Kick and Tackle was all that he had. He still stood, stuck in his mind, knowing that the rest of his life was over. He belonged to no one and no one belonged to him, until the next day.



The shouting awoke Clyde from a deep sleep. He walked around the corner and saw a tall, red headed woman and a tall blue haired man fighting over a can of food..but..something was even MORE interesting about them. They where wearing white suits, yes but the R on the front of each shirt claimed that they where a member of Team Rocket!! Well..they seemed to be a part of them. Clyde walked up to them, wanting to introduce himself. He then stopped and thought to himself.

“ What are you doing, Clyde? Don't talk to them, they'll know who you are!! “

“Hey, a Meowth!” Said the man.

“ Hey little guy!” Said the woman with an evil look on her face.


“ Hm? “ Both the man and woman said at the same time, looking at each other.

“ We where just going to ask if you could open this can for us..” The woman asked.

“ Oh..” Said Clyde, “ Sure..”

Clyde took the can and used his claws to open it up. He gave it back to the man and woman. They where instantly into it, as if they where trying to inhale it without chewing.

“ Uhm..Do you want some?” Asked the woman.

“ Ahh!” exclaimed Clyde. He felt delighted to finally have some real food in his belly.

“ So.. what's your name?” The man asked.

“ You idiot, it's a Meowth, he doesn't have a name... or do you?”

“ Uhh.. Well, my name is Cly-” Clyde hesitated, The man and woman stared blankly at him.

“ My name is Meowth!” Clyde replied.

“ See, I told you his name was Meowth!”

“ Well lah dee dah, aren't you the smart one?”

“ Are you kidding? I'm always the brains around here!”

“ Are you talking about that egg you have for a brain? Poached or scrabbled?”

“ UGHH YOU LITTLE-” The woman stopped, they both laughed in embarrassment.

“ Well, anyway..I'm Jessie!” Said the woman

“ And I'm James!” Said the man.

“ Nice to meet you all. It's always nice to have new friends!!” Clyde said, smiling.

“ So...How is it that you could talk?” James asked.

“'s a long story. How about I tell you later when I get to know you better?”

“ Okay.” James said.

“ Sounds good to me too.” Jessie said, with a smile.
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