Ideas, Ideas

I joined this group "I Like to Write Stories" becuase I do. Sort of.

The thing is with me, I'm a big reader. Lovey Dovey type stories more than anything, but I also like mysteries, and fantasy, and other stuff. I like stories though that have big complicated underlying messages. A main plot with many tiny side conflicts that all relate to one big epiphany of the main character in the end.

If I take some time, I can think up plots to stories that are like that. All the characters, settings, actions, ideas held up in my head. My problem is....I'm an impatient and lazy person. At least I admit it. I can come up w/ these intricate, twisting story ideas, but when it comes to getting everything down on paper (or word document) I can't get past the first several chapters.

I am also a perfectionist type. That's one of the other problems. If I do decide to write a story, it has to be perfect. Exactly how I imagine. Every sentence, word, detail correct so who ever reads it gets exactly the idea I'm trying to convey. I will spend hours at a time searching through online thesaurus's to get the perfect word to describe the big oak tree. Days at a time looking through name books to find the perfect name for the guy that works in the electronic section at Target. By the time I'm done perfecting one chapter of my story I'm so fed up w/ the whole thing I don't want to continue.

So, for now I just keep all my ideas held up in a notebook. Maybe one day I'll find the will power to get a whole story done and I will post it on EP to see if it is any good. Until then, I'll continue keeping the vague outlines of a book in my head. :]

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ohh ....<br />
well i hope you get it published with in the next 2 years

okay :]<br />
<br />
hope you get your book published soon

thanks for the good advice<br />
:]<br />
<br />
maybe I'll start (and finish) a story soon