It's the Best.

Well first, not only do I like to write stories, but I like to read them. I would much rather read them then write them. Stories that I read are usually well written, have a good plot and characters, and are just great. Stories that I write, on the other hand, aren't. I'm pretty creative, and can think of amazing ideas, I just have trouble putting the ideas into a story. But, there are some cases in which I am able to make a good story. When I do, I feel inredibly happy.

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3 Responses Jun 8, 2009

Thank you. I usually make characters and plots easily, but then I can never combine them into a story. But I'm sure making an outline would help. idea is so simple. I can't believe I never thought of that -_-<br />
And even worse, I just learned how to write a really good outline. I just learned it in my English Class last year. Can't believe I already forgot.<br />
Thank you :)

try putting your ideas into an outline form before you actually start writing. it really helps.