The Prediction

 This is just a story i wrote it isn't finished yet but please tell me how you like it so far.


  "What a beautiful place," said Miriam walking through a pathway surrounded by huge trees. The birds were singing while she lay down on a soft patch of grass and looked up at the sky.

Suddenly the tree tops lit on fire and the birds fell to the ground. Miriam sat up quickly and looked at the birds fearfully as the wobbled around with their wings smoldering. She tried to run from the fire, but every time she passed a tree it was engulfed in flames.

A huge man jumped out from behind a tree and grabbed her.

"NO! Let go of me!" she yelled, struggling to get away... 



"Miriam wake up, Miriam!"

"Darien?" she answered opening her eyes to the worried face of her husband.

"Are you ok?" he asked holding her tightly.

"Yes. I'm fine it was just a bad dream. No need to worry," Miram said smiling weakly at him. She kissed his forehead then for up and wrapped a robe around her just as they heard a knock on the door. Darien opened it and stepped outside to talk to some worried men.

Miriam went over to the window and rested her head on her hand. It was a beautiful garden with the sun basking it with hues of orange as it came up and over the mountains. She sighed thoughtfully as Darien walked back into the room.

"What did they want," she asked walking over to him, wrapping her arms around him and smiling.

"Another fire had started at the edge of the city early this morning."

Miriam looked into her husbands thoughtful eyes. I wish we could just live a normal life without you being the prince she thought.

"Perhaps someone has been starting them...otherwise I don't know what it could be," Darien said silently kissing her then walking over to the window. She walked over to his side and they looked out at the garden.

"It is going to be another busy day for you," she sighed resting her head on his shoulder.

"Yes it will be. I'm truly sorry I will not be able to go with you as we planned today."

* * *

 Miriam sat on a chair under a tree smiling as she watched two little boys play. They came up to her and gave her flowers.

"Why thank you," she laughed kissing both foreheads as their father came up, "such sweet boys you have."

"Yes they are," he said looking at them thoughtfully as he gestured for them to go help their mother in the kitchen.

He looked her over with that expression seer's have where their eyes glaze over. The seer started mumbling some un-heard words. Then suddenly he came out of it and smiled. I am surely going to have baby thought Miriam as she smiled with joy.

"You are going to have a beautiful baby girl, but it will not be without hard ship," the seer said as his smile faded away, "when she turns sixteen she will have to battle something unknown darkness that wants to take over everything."

Miriam's hand went to her belly as if trying to protect the unborn child. Could this have been what the dream was trying to tell me? she thought staring at the seer fearfully.

"Thank you," Miriam said gravely.

She quickly got up and started off towards where the fire had started and where Darien would surely be.

* * *

 Miriam stood at the top of a hill looking down at the men moving the charred wood. All she wanted to do was help but no one would let her near there.

"I was they would tell me why I can't help," she mumbled crossing her arms. Two arms suddenly enclosed around her waist.

"I love you and I don't know what i would do without you," Darien said turning her around to face him," that is why I wouldn't allow you to what did the seer say?"

"He said we are going to have a girl," she answered looking away sadly, "then he said when she turned sixteen she will have to overcome something that wants to take over everything."

"Well he has been wrong before," he answered after a long pause holding her close to him.

"Only once," Miriam said as she burst into tears. Why? Why my child? she thought.

Darien tried to comfort her for a few moments standing there.

"Come, let's go home."

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i'm so sorry that this is such a late late comment but i haven't got on in a long time and i don't know why it put all of it in italics i'll fix it the only part that was suppose to be in italics was the very first part to represent that she was dreaming.<br />
Thank you for liking it :)