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Before Bic Pens

I've been writing so long in my life, I remember when Bic pens were a new twist on the refillable ballpoint pens. In fact, I remember refillable fountain pens. From chalk to pencil, Bic to typewriter (with ribbons) , I have used all of these to write. When I was 12 years old, I was writing poetry and novels. I had to use a flashlight under my bedcovers to do this so as not to disturb my sisters I shared a bedroom with.
I've been published, as a poet, under my own publishing company called "Smiling Cat Press". Got some national attention.
I kept a series of diaries from the time I was 12 until, at 45, I decided to have "The Great Burning".
An historic moment in self-immolation, taking hours of preparatory shredding for the ceremony, I was relieved of thousands of pages of my life in words. My best friend, my dearest friend, had a fireplace, and we did this together.
And yet, I didn't stop keeping a running journal after that. Or writing stories, or poetry.
With very few exceptions, I simply tore them out of my notebooks and threw them away.
Are you familiar with the sand paintings Buddhist monks do? Elaborate and time-consuming mandalas made of fine colored sand, once completed, are prayed over and then literally blown away.
A lesson in impermanence.
Which brings me to EP.
Oddly, if I understand it right, data on the internet is archived. If I understand it right, even if I delete something here, it is still accessible somehow.
Is this true?
If so, this is the most wide-reaching and fire-proof medium I can express myself in verbally.
Intriguing, yes?
angsty angsty 61-65, F 2 Responses Dec 11, 2010

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It must be. We are crazy lucky to have this venue.<br />
Thank the electronic gods I don't have an impulse to set fire to my computer.

I don't know if it's true but I've often wondered myself. I had my own burning, sans flame, when I threw it all in a dumpster. No ceremony. I like yours better. I'm comin up on another one as I've also migrated (almost) solely to computer and have a box of old stuff I want to purge. I used to have an old smith corona ribbon typewriter. And oceans of white out. If I find the net archive I'll let ya know. I do remember hearing on CBC or NPR that with the advent of the net there has been more published in the last two decades than in all of previous recorded history? Is that true?