Falling Asleep To The Soft Loll Of Chirping Crickets, Not This Morning

Every time I think about crickets chirping I picture a calm peaceful outdoor scene, with beautiful weather, by a lake so calm it's black glass perfectly mirrors the landscape by the light of the full moon, and people sleeping with ease. Crickets in my mind have always been synonymous with sound, restful, sleep. This morning though I was awoke by a cricket whose shrill high pitch steady chirp resembled my smoke detector, both in pitch and volume. When I woke up I seriously turned on all the lights looking at the detectors and checking for smoke. Then as I walked toward the increasingly loud ear piercing sound I was made aware that this was coming from a cricket. When I walked toward the cricket he hid under the aluminum where the door closes and I was unable to kill him, but the chirping stopped. I went back to bed and in less than ten minutes he was at it again. Once again I walked over sneakily to try to permanently quiet him and he hid right when I was upon him. About the third time I just stuffed some toilet paper into the area he slid under so if he did chirp again it would be somewhat muffled and I slept till 8. Unfortunately I no longer associate the chirp of crickets with calm restful evenings. I now associate them with fire safety, XD XD
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3 Responses Aug 15, 2011

Goood story :) Nice summer night .. Crickets loud and noisy in your face drive me nuts too!!!! ahhahaahaa

Hahaha, thanks for reading it.

:) xox

LOL, that's cute :D

Thank you for reading, :). I will some more of yours.

This is cute :)

Well thank you, :)