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Love & Cobwebs

...As she pranced about nimbly on my carefully spun delicate rainbow yarns, slurping and gobbling them up with merciless lascivity, relishing each yarn, as they vanished and melted in her mouth like candy-floss, I stood there watching, helplessly mute and unable to move, and remembered another such afternoon nine winters ago...


...As we lay curled in each other's arms, spent after hurried torrid love-making on the bedless cold floor, his fingers lazily reached for the lonely fold of the pillar where a web dangled precariously-an intricately woven cobweb...Carelessly, as he stroked my hair with his other hand, he un-spun the web string by string...And even as I snuggled closer in his arms, I could see Maakor Shah from the corner of my eye, as she stood only some fingers away, watching with helpless mute fear glistening in her eyes, as we razed her home in casual frolic...yarn by yarn...

Note: Maakorshaa is what you call a spider in Bengali, my mother tongue. Hence, Maakor Shah is a pun on the same, reference being made to the Mogul Shah dynasty
srtdilse srtdilse 22-25, M Apr 17, 2012

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