The Unforgotten (part 2)

Chapter 2
I awoke in a cold sweat lying on the side of a slowly bubbling brook, for the reoccurring nightmare had returned once again. In each nightmare I was staring into the face of death, also known as the beast. The beast took many forms but had never shown its true form. Although in my dreams it was always the same. It was a dragon. Its scales looked as though they were the burnt flesh from his victims that he had pieced together as some kind of sick, disgusting prize that he was about to add onto. Its talons were caked underneath with the dried blood, skin, bones, and other unidentifiable objects from his last victims. I had seen these talons up close in my nightmare for in the dream it would slowly caress my cheek and softly whisper in a sickly voice, “Prepare to die.” Its breathe was hot and wet with moisture, it smelt like the toxic gas of death, and it made me sick every time. The Beast's teeth were bloodstained red; but the feature that put fear in my sole was how his eyes were just black, empty holes that held the screams from everyone of his victims. This thing killed for fun. It enjoyed the terrified look in their eyes, the sound of their screams piercing through the night, and that is why he hated my father.
My father was brave.
My father was not afraid.
My father did not back down in the face of death.
And my father did not scream.
But enough of this.
I needed to get back to reality.
Back to my task.
So I sat up and placed my burned hands on the soft, green blades of grass, and noticed how beautiful the morning looked. The air was cool and crisp, the sun reflected off the stream of clear blue liquid, and the only sound was the ripple of the water which gave a peaceful serenity. To most people this would've been the perfect day, but to me it was all just a cover up to all the disasters that this world truly brought. I knew I needed to be on my way so I slowly arose from the smooth bed I had made myself. My whole body was stiff and sore and it hurt to move, but not as much as the black hole I used to consider my heart. As much as my whole body ached, I mounted my horse and set out my journey toward the nearest town. Even though I had planned to stay away from others, I needed food so I would be prepared to venture off to destroy my family's murderer.

Chapter 3

Smiles, laughter, families, and enjoyment. It all engulfed me into the frenzy of the town. I was overwhelmed with the little children playing, couples being in love, families being together. How could everything be so normal for them ? Why was my life the only one that had been burnt to ashes ? Why should they get to live a good life when I...
(Stumbling forward) I pulled out my jagged dagger I kept in my shoe and spun around to face my attacker.
“I...I'm sorry sir...I didn't mean to run into you,” she said in a smooth voice with her eyes transfixed on the knife. Her eyes showed curiousness though, not fear.
Her body, her face, her lips, and her eyes. They were perfect. I stood, mesmerized by them. Bright green eyes that could light up the night, with a ring of gold around the pupil that together was hypnotizing. Her hazel nut silky hair flowed gracefully down to her lower back, her face like porcelain, and her ruby red lips looked so soft that...Forget about it. No one else can get hurt because of me. No one. (I cleared my throat and put the dagger away) “Its fine,” I mumbled with my head down. As I began to walk briskly away I felt a light hand on my shoulder. Her touch sent electricity and longing to every fiber in my body.
“You look tired. Would you like a warm bed for the night? My father is a traveler as well and would not mind if you stayed with us.”
I pulled away from her kind touch. My heart was saying one thing but my mind another. And I knew my mind was right. “” And began to walk away for a second time.
She ran around and stood in front of me. I tried to move but she stopped me by putting her hands on my chest. My heart beat quickened and I prayed she couldn't feel it.
She stood on her toes, leaned into my ear, and whispered, “Its okay, its just one night. Whats the worse that can happen?” Taking a step back she smiled and I knew I had no choice. My heart had won.
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