That's What I Iike About This Site

I was originally going to go to college for journalism but was talked out of it by my brother the English teacher, may he rest in peace. He convinced me to go into laboratory science instead, probably a good move for me at the time. During my first semester I had an English writing class with a very difficult teacher. He had his PHD in English and he was one arrogant SOB. I remember how he told me I was just a functional illiterate. I worked my butt off in that class and ended up with a C. I worked harder in that class than I ever did in any of the Chemistry classes I took. For the next twenty years I went around thinking I was terrible at writing until I went through an Air Force NCO academy for E-6 going for E-7 in 1994.   I was in the Navy at the time so I felt very fortunate to have the opportunity.  There was a Sargent Green that put essay writing in its most easy to understand form. I guess it probably helped that he wasn't an arrogant SOB as well. In 2002 I tried my hand at writing a novel. Well I spent a couple of years and then sent it to my brother the English teacher. Another Arrogant SOB. Well I took a course in writing and read the Elegance of Style about 5 times and began rewriting. I joined critters for a couple of years and wrote about 150 typed pages. I never did finish.  Then I decided to write a graphic novel.   I'd been learning to draw during this same period.  I've got about 52 pages done on that.  I still haven't finished anything yet after all these years. I can't seem to stay focused for long enough. The good thing about this site is that I can write little ditties about myself and do at least some writing.
titanis titanis
51-55, M
Aug 12, 2012